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Does online shopping make you happy?

Consumerism has a bad name, and recently has been suggested as a reason for teenagers stealing trainers during the London riots. So it is therefore intriguing to see a new paper from Fabio Sabitini at the University of Rome’s Department … Continue reading

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Search engine alphabet

This post isn’t strictly about economics. It’s more an account of how I whiled away a lazy Saturday morning, typing random letters into search engines. But I’m obviously in good company. Even Hal Varian, author of the classic text Intermediate Microeconomics … Continue reading

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All I want is the internet

Sometimes it’s lastminute.com. Sometimes it’s Groupon. Sometimes it’s the hateful Facebook. Sometimes it’s desperately wanting to write a new blog post. The internet explorer button is at the corner of my eye. But I’m at work. I ought to be … Continue reading

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