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Executive pay: we need to think beyond £s

The main political parties have achieved near-consensus that something needs to be done about executive pay. There is an argument that Government has no role in this area, and that private firms, with all their incentives to seek greater profits are … Continue reading

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High Pay Commission’s transparency blind spot

“By 2035 the top 0.1% will take home 14% of the national income. Equivalent to that seen in Victorian England.” So proclaims the final report of the High Pay Commission, which was set up to look at the inequality in … Continue reading

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Performance-related pay isn’t performing

Performance-related pay isn’t performing as well as it should. It’s a simple idea – you get paid more when you perform well. Surely it can’t fail to work? Well it arguably contributed to the banking crisis (although that may have … Continue reading

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Why pressure to reveal pay at the BBC may increase the earnings of those at the top

Transparency has definitely come into vogue lately. It’s been rumbling on for a while now, but exploded last year when details of MPs’ expenses were revealed. Heartened by its success, the transparency bandwagon has been running away with itself. The … Continue reading

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