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The economics of becoming a parent

In the UK, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. The shops are filled with pink and flowery trinkets. The proliferation of all these pretty presents dedicated to mothers may make any rational utility maximising person wonder: is it time I became a mother? (Or … Continue reading

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Just a jealous child

In the kingdom of children, the established currency is gummy bears. Or at least, that’s what researchers at the Friedrich Schiller University in Germany used in experiments to understand envy and altruism in children. For adults, studies often focus on … Continue reading

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How to outwit small children with decision-making science

Two year olds are highly amusing, and even better, sometimes provide interesting insights into the science of decision-making. Take, for example, a certain two-year old I know who likes biscuits (well, most foods, but I think biscuits are a favourite). … Continue reading

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