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Fairytale economics

 Are you sitting comfortably? It’s time for a Five Minute Economist Christmas special: in an unusual fit of whimsy not unconnected to the festive season, economists discuss their take on a selection of fairytales. Enjoy, and see you in the New … Continue reading

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Does money makes things worse?

Want to encourage people to do something? Give them a monetary incentive: pay them to do it, or fine them if they don’t. This is the traditional economic answer. But over the years, various studies have shown that it isn’t … Continue reading

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What’s the meaning of happiness?

Satisfaction? Contentment? Excitement? Peace? All of the above? Earlier this week, the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) published findings from its initial investigation into the UK’s subjective well-being. It tested out various types of questions, asking people about their … Continue reading

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