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Economists are hedonists!

Hey, all economists are hedonists! Yeah, that man in the dull tie over there. And that dismal scientist too. And that one staring at her spreadsheets on a flickering screen. Oh yes, hedonists.   Obviously, I do not mean we’re … Continue reading

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When asking the question changes the answer

Some economics is about trying to solve economic and social problems. Some economics is about trying to work out why those problems occur. And a lot of the rest is trying to work out how to measure those problems and … Continue reading

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You’d better smile

Smiling, shoulders straight, being confident: all advice your mother would give you. But how much of a difference can a big wide smile really make? Apparently quite a lot, according to a paper by researchers in Australia who looked at … Continue reading

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Team trading

Now that we have realised that boom, and particularly bust, are very much still with us, attention has turned again to why bubbles in financial markets happen. Some reasons are to do with the incentives facing traders, for example, if … Continue reading

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