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Is democracy a luxury?

There is a good quote from Yes Prime Minister, the 1980s sitcom parodying British politics, when Prime Minister Jim Hacker is discussing foreign policy with senior civil servant, Sir Humphrey Appleby. Jim (Prime Minister): Humphrey, are you saying that Britain … Continue reading

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Books about the financial crisis

I’ve just read a pile of books about the financial crisis (partly for work, partly for pleasure), and here are my favourites. If you’re not sure what a synthetic CDO is, but would like to, I would highly recommend Gillian … Continue reading

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Does online shopping make you happy?

Consumerism has a bad name, and recently has been suggested as a reason for teenagers stealing trainers during the London riots. So it is therefore intriguing to see a new paper from Fabio Sabitini at the University of Rome’s Department … Continue reading

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