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The FME economics cryptic crossword!

I’m taking advantage of the double bank holiday weekend in the UK and am jetting off (thank you, Kate). In the meantime, should you be looking for some economics fun over the holiday season, try the Five Minute Economist cryptic … Continue reading

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Opportunity costs in banking

This week, the UK’s Independent Commission on Banking published its interim report on recommended reforms to the banking system in the wake of various problems highlighted by the recent financial crisis. Much of the focus has been on structural reforms – for … Continue reading

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Sarah Ferguson: Can you trust people who used to be rich?

It’s hard being a Duchess without any taxpayer subsidy to fall back on. Just ask Sarah Ferguson, still a Duchess, but without a royal title since divorcing Prince Andrew, Duke of York. According to reports over the last year or … Continue reading

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The economics of becoming a parent

In the UK, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. The shops are filled with pink and flowery trinkets. The proliferation of all these pretty presents dedicated to mothers may make any rational utility maximising person wonder: is it time I became a mother? (Or … Continue reading

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