Fun economics websites

Quite often “top ten” style lists of economics blogs and websites contain links to interesting sites – but they do tend to be a bit on the serious side. So here’s my list of places to go if you’re a weary economist (or non-economist) at the end of a hard day’s work (or not), who just wants a bit of economics fun.

For news from the world of behavioural economics (definitely a contender for most fun branch of economics): Nudge blog (

For an economic multimedia experience with some jokes thrown in: Economists do it with models ( The discerning shopper looking for economic-related merchandise should also visit this site.

For economics in poetry (I know – I didn’t realise such a think could exist either!): Limericks Economiques (

For comedy: The world’s first stand-up economist ( Watch the video.

For economics, agony-aunt style: The inimitable Tim Harford’s Dear Economist column. This is sadly no longer in the FT, but you can catch up on all those problems solved here:

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3 Responses to Fun economics websites

  1. Dr. Goose says:

    Dear Five-Minute Economist,

    Thank you for including Limericks Économiques in your list of fun sites. As a fan of the others, I am flattered to be in their company. Did you by chance attend the American Economic Association annual meeting last weekend? I had the pleasure of participating in the Economic Humor session with the Stand-Up Economist and EconGirl (EDIWM), as well as the bloggers of EcoComics (, another fun and worthwhile site.


    Dr. Goose

  2. Dear Dr Goose,

    You are welcome! I wasn’t at the meeting – is there a video recording of the session? Thanks for the EcoComics tip!

    Five Minute Economist

  3. Dr. Goose says:

    There is indeed video of the session, and my segment will soon appear on my blog.

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