Another reason to be sporty

Something for the CV?

As if we needed another one.

Do you work in HR or recruitment? Have you noticed an odd pattern recently? Some slightly odd CVs – sometimes they’ll have an odd name, other times include a photo of someone extraordinarily attractive. You call them back for an interview, but they turn out to be rather elusive. It’s likely that you’ve been targeted by some researchers, using you for their own selfish ends (or perhaps the greater good) in a “field experiment” to test different factors on employability.

The most recent study I have come across is on the link between employability and fitness. Economist Dan-Olof Rooth sent employers CVs with varying details on potential employees’ sporting activities. Soccer, tennis and golf seem to be particularly prized by employers, whereas running and swimming do not seem to make as much difference. Perhaps something to do with team-working abilities.

Happily for less sporty women out there, having sports on your CV only seems to make a positive difference for men.

Well, I’ll settle back down to my mince pie in front of the TV then.

The full paper is here.

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