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Happy taxing new year

In January 2011, the UK will experience the joy of a rise in tax on goods and services, the Value Added Tax, or VAT. And don’t all the retailers just know it. “BEAT the VAT!”, scream shop windows. Salesmen shake their … Continue reading

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Five Minute Economist’s Guide to a Utility Maximising Christmas

Should you happen upon this blog this December, you may be wondering: how would a rational economist make the best of the festive season? What can I learn from this, and how can I make my life better? Fear not. Here … Continue reading

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The shocking truth about left-handers

Famous left-handers include Angelina Jolie, Chewbacca the Wookie, Prince William and Bob Geldof. Notice a pattern? Me neither. Economist Thomas Buser set to find out whether people who are left-handed have different social preferences: for example, are they more or less selfish? Are … Continue reading

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Online free riders

The internet must be a bewildering place for content owners. On the one hand, no one seems to want to pay for anything. On the other hand, when given a choice, some people choose to pay more than they need … Continue reading

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Competition and the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap: discrimination, culture or women’s preferences? There are so many reasons put forward for the gap’s continued persistence. One possible reason that has been gaining traction is that women may be less competitive compared to men. Are … Continue reading

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The Prince Philip effect

Prince Philip. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he isn’t really used to people from other countries. Take a few choice quotes: “Can you tell the difference between them?”, in response to President Obama explaining that he had meetings with … Continue reading

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Another reason to be sporty

As if we needed another one. Do you work in HR or recruitment? Have you noticed an odd pattern recently? Some slightly odd CVs – sometimes they’ll have an odd name, other times include a photo of someone extraordinarily attractive. You … Continue reading

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