The celebrity gender pay gap

More transparency excitement today as the Telegraph reveals how much councils in the UK have been paying for celebrity appearances. Beyond providing thrills to councillors, one wonders exactly how some of these costs are benefiting residents: is it really necessary to have someone famous doling out staff awards? Oh actually, yes I can see that council employees might enjoy having Christopher Biggins and co. giving them a pat on the back for a good year’s work, despite not really knowing what they do. 

Some council areas seem particularly star-struck, with more than one entry on the list (Enfield, I’m talking about you here).

Women make 12 appearances on the list, but men make 28. So the gender divide affects the celebrity world too.  But, in terms of fees, there is a more interesting pattern (in this admittedly small sample) – average appearance fees aren’t lower for women – in fact they are slightly higher.

So councils ask fewer female celebs to appear, but when they do, they tend to pay slightly more (or at least, not less).

Perhaps it’s harder to achieve fame as a woman – but once famous, there is no disadvantage to being female in terms of earning ability?

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